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Voted #1 Hair Removal Laser by Dermascope Readers

Introducing LightPod Technology

Voted #1 Hair Removal Laser by Dermascope Readers

The World's Most Versatile Medical Aesthetic Laser

Advances in technology tend to make products smaller and more affordable, yet more powerful, with higher performance at the same time. Aerolase has done exactly that in the field of aesthetic lasers.

Internally air-cooled LightPod technology utilizes compact, high-power electronics, which replaces the traditional design concept of bulky, stationary water-cooled lasers, eliminating the internal water circulating system as well as the fiber optic cables and lightguides - which are common repair trouble-points of this previous generation of lasers.

How Aerolase Reinvented the Medical Aesthetic Laser

Why choose Aerolase Lasers?

Streamline Your Laser Operation - one LightPod eliminates need for multiple devices and/or handpieces to treat a broad range of indications. 30+ FDA cleared indications.

Deliver New Levels of Clinical Efficacy - new gold standard for acne, vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and skin of color.

Lowest Cost of Ownership - affordable cost, no consumables, per-treatment costs or annual service contracts allows you to be profitable immediately.

Safe & Gentle - non-invasive, no contact treatments are comfortable for absolutely any skin type or tanned light skin, which immensely boosts patient satisfaction.

Portable & Easily Transported - size and weight allows for easy movement between treatment rooms or sites.

LightPod Neo®

LightPod Neo®

  • High-power 650-microsecond 1064nm laser

  • More than 30 FDA approved indications

  • Pain-free with no skin cooling, anesthetics, gels, or skin contact

  • Safe, gentle & effective for all skin types

  • Only laser light touches the skin

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The World's Most Versatile Medical Aesthetic Laser 650-microsecond

Technology FDA cleared for more than 30 applications.

Air-cooling enables placement of the laser light source in the handpiece where its energy is transmitted directly and efficiently to the skin without contact. The LightPod Neo is capable of ultra-high power output of up to 15,000 Watts – creating sufficient fluence for any non-ablative task.

650-Microsecond Technology For Pain Free Performance

Our proprietary technology enables 650-microsecond pulse duration at all fluences between 4j/cm2 and 255j/cm2. This pulse duration is below the 0.8msec thermal relaxation time of skin tissue, virtually eliminating any pain associated with laser procedure as well as diminishing the risk of any adverse effects commonly caused by the previous generation of long-pulse lasers. As a result, laser procedures can be performed without needing to cool the skin during the treatment, eve on skin of color, eliminating the use of cooling gels, sprays or anesthetics.

A New Standard For Safety And Hygiene

Because the Neo does not involve the skin cooling or numbing, it avoids the burns that occur with other laser technologies when the patient cannot feel excess heat in the tissue. Also, since the LightPod laser handpiece does not contact the skin during treatment, patients are very pleased with the safe, sanitary and non-invasive treatment. LightPod laser is designed with many safety features including a simplified operator interface, which facilitates the ease of use.

Unmatched Return On Investment

When you combine the factors of maximum range of treatable patients, a unique safety margin, lower acquisition and ongoing operating costs, as well as the fact that LightPod lasers are truly portable for multi-location revenue generation, ROI with LightPod technology is unmatched in the industry.

LightPod Era®

LightPod Era®

  • New high-power 300-microsecond erbium laser technology

  • Less downtime vs. fractional lasers and traditional ablative lasers

  • Ability to tailor treatments to artistically address each patients' unique needs

  • Enables partial-face resurfacing as well as traditional full-face resurfacing

  • Deep ablation, micopeel and sub-ablative treatment modes

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Advance laser technology to enhance your practice without any pre-treatment consumable costs

Profound Rejuvenation in a Single Treatment with Minimal Downtime

Precise Control & Depth of Ablation for Precise Results

Wrinkles • Acne Scars • Large Pores • Sun Damage

LightPod Era: A New Laser Platform

The LightPod Era represents a new revolution in skin rejuvenation as a high precision 2940 nm laser that delivers high fluence in a collimated beam, employing a gentle 300- microsecond pulse duration. The laser uniquely allows for independent depth of ablation of shallow or deep indications within a treatment site.

A New Era in Ablative Technology

Full range of facial skin rejuvenation from non-ablative improvement of skin tone, texture and pore reduction to deep ablation of wrinkles in a single treatment. The ability to treat partial facial areas allows for a personal treatment tailored to each patient's personal anti-aging needs. Zero to minimal discomfort. Zero to several days patient downtime.

Powerful Performance & Ease of Use

The Era is a high precision 2940nm laser that delivers high fluence in a unique collimated beam, employing a gentle 300-microsecond pulse duration. This uniquely allows for the following:

  • Less downtime and fewer treatments than fractional lasers

  • Independent depth of ablation within a treatment site

  • Partial face treatments without demarcations lines

  • Precision targeting of difficult contours (nasal, periocular, perioral, etc.)

  • New sub-ablative mode for no-downtime epidermal renewal and darker skin types

  • No touching of skin by the laser allows exceptional visual control & treatment comfort

Artistry and Precision

With LightPod Era, the practitioner can now approach the aging face with a new level of artistry and precision. Treatment can be tailored to the specific skin condition(s) within each facial area of each patient.

Return on Investment

With a remarkably low acquisition cost, no consumable costs, no costly service contracts and a unique portability for easy transport between treatment rooms or sites, the LightPod Era equips you to become highly profitable with only a moderate number of patient visits.

Precision Ablation for All Resurfacing Needs

The LightPod Era's precisely controlled pulses allow for controlled depth of ablation per pulse for full ablation of the epidermis without damaging the dermis, thus eliminating pinpoint bleeding that is typical for older erbium laser technology and C02 lasers. This offers a broad range of treatments between a safe for all skin type non-ablative mode, which renews the epidermis to improve tone and texture, to deep ablation for severely photodamaged skin that is affected with severe wrinkling, solar lentigines and/or actinic keratosis and other cutaneous lesions. Profound rejuvenation can be achieved in a single treatment session with minimal downtime as compared to multiple treatment sessions and multiple periods of downtime as seen with fractional technologies.

A Unique Combination of Versatility & Safety

With the Era, the practitioner now has a single laser modality in a single handpiece that can effectively treat from the most deeply wrinkled, photodamaged skin to the most superficial irregularities for treatment of just a single aesthetic unit or complete facial coverage. Due to the Era's precise control and gentler 300-microsecond pulse duration, the skin is able to cool between pulses to prevent thermal overheating and collateral damage often associated with older erbium lasers, C02 lasers or lasers equipped with scanners. Because of this, the Era is able treat a single aesthetic unit without leaving demarcation lines and eliminates the need for feathering the treatment area. Furthermore, published clinical data has shown that in comparison to traditional ablative technologies, the Era offers a shorter downtime, a higher therapeutic window and a lesser risk of complications such as pigmentary changes or scarring, which have been well documented with traditional ablative technologies. Patients typically report continued improvement up to two years after a single Era treatment, which is consistent with previous studies conducted with erbium lasers.

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