All in one supreme skin renewal treatment

Synergy+ Skin Management System

Synergy+ is a complete skin management system that integrates the 4 most effective, cutting edge skin-enhancing technologies to deliver an All in One Supreme Skin Renewal Treatment.

SYNERGY Beijing Mejire Synergy Skin Management Platform

AquaPeel + OxySurge + Q-Polar RF + Ultrasound = the Supreme Skin Renewal Treatment

Synergy+ incorporates AquaPeel serum cleansing and exfoliation, Oxy¬Surge gentle polishing and nutrient infusing oxygen-based skin refinement, Q-Polar RF quadripolar radio-frequency (RF) energy for skin firming and tightening as well as wrinkle reduction and uCosmo Ultrasound Nutrient Infusion and Vacuum together in one system, to deliver prescriptive and customized approach to produce multi-level revitalization that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Synergy+ Skin Management System

The Synergy + benefits to your business:

  • Comfortable and safe device to help build client satisfaction

  • Offers integrated, most updated facial technologies

  • Affordable pricing; quick ROI

  • All-in-one solution for facial treatments

  • New opportunity for lunch-time treatments

  • Opportunity to upsell in-house product line


  • Working Mode: RF, Ultrasound, Vacuum, Vibration

  • Vacuum 25KPa-90Kpa

  • Input power100W (Max)

  • Output power 90W (Max)

  • Net weight 20kg

  • Gross weight 30kg

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